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CAV Ford GT40 Replica

Car Make:     2013 CAV GT 40
Colour:     Metallic Kawasaki green stripe over metallic black
Hardtop:      Coupe’
Chassis:     CAV stainless steel monocoque
Engine:     Ford 302, aluminium heads, roller rockers. Edelbrock mild cam. Producing 390 hp
Carburetor:     750 cfm Edelbrock
Exhaust:     Ceramic coated mild steel bunch of snakes
Gearbox:     Audi 6 speed OIX
Final Drive:     3.70 : 1
Suspension:     Unequal wishbone with coil over dampers and fully adjustable rose joints.
Wheels:     Replica Halibrand.  Front : 17 x 8 inch  Rear : 17 x 10 in
Tyres - Front:     Front : 225 x 60 x 17  Rear : 325 x 60 x 17
Tyres - Rear:     Rear : 325 x 60 x 17
Other Info:     Except for the upholstery and bonding of the windscreen the car was built entirely  by owner over a 3 year period.

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